"Designing differently; a menu to make online medical services accessible to all."

Delivering accessible online services

Based in Bristol, Dauntless R&D provides digital services to General Medical Practices. We specialise in creating accessible websites for individuals with low computer proficiency. Groups such as the elderly, individuals with vision impairment, disability and other specific access requirements find it more difficult, or impossible, to access online services. This is a problem because online services for booking are more convenient, give a greater feeling of anonymity for reporting embarrassing problems and help patients spot errors faster (e.g., prescription errors). We want everyone to be able to use online services dauntlessly.

We are active researchers as well as developers. This means that we can provide technologically advanced solutions for new problems whilst leading and benefiting from research in these areas. Previous to establishing Dauntless R&D, much experience was accumulated over the last 5 years from being engaged on and off by Medical Practices under the trade name CMS Digital Solutions.

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Areas of Research & Development

We are currently investing in the research of brand new technologies. All of our proceeds currently go towards supporting this research and supporting its implementation in real world practices. Our goal is to use these technologies to improve access.

We produce the most detailed and best organised GP websites, which are also elegant to look at. Their standout features are:

  • Accessibility-focused design
  • A state-of-the-art advice section promoting self-management and external organisations
  • A section for patients to download and fill out any documents required
  • Full control and easy editing
  • A full compatiable mobile website

We also have experience with Sedao Digital Signage software and have produced clear, entertaining and informative displays for waiting room screens.

Dauntless R&D works in association with a small team of developers and researchers. As a sole trader, Chris runs the day-to-day and his roles include lead designer and founder of Dauntless R&D. He is a National Award Nominated researcher with experience in Primary Care dating back 5 years:

General Practice Websites

Novel features

1) Self-help advice section

2) Self-assessment centre

3) Easy to browse 'About us' section


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Email: cms@dauntlessrnd.co.uk
Tel: 07568 520914